CD Projekt Red continues to care for its fans by flushing out Triss and Geralt's romance subplot in a future update for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. 

The talented team members at CD Projekt Red are definitely listening to their fans. They've been reading all your comments and tweets and are well aware of the negative response everyone has been having to the Triss Merigold romance subplot of The Witcher 3. In the previous installments of The Witcher, Geralt of Rivia was hit with a hard case of amnesia (it IS an RPG afterall). After encountering the mage Triss Merigold, Geralt eventually reunites with his fellow Witcher brethren just before the events of the first game. Along the way, and falling very much in love with Triss, he eventually gets his memories back. He remembers that he used to love Yennefer, another sorceress, and they were together for a long time before he met Triss.

In Wild Hunt, Geralt is caught between the two hot mages and must inevitably make a choice. You could try to play both sides of the field, but ultimate fail. Unfortunately, those who choose Triss Merigold were letdown after seeing how many options Geralt and Yenn have when it comes to exploring their past and their relationship. Kotaku reports that CD Projekt Red will be flushing out the dialogue between Geralt and Triss in order to improve the two's conversations and to put Trisseralt on par with Gerennefer.

CD Projekt Red's Marcin Momot claims this will be implemented in the next patch:

We’ll be adding some additional dialogue for Triss and Yennefer in the upcoming patch due to the fan feedback. We’ve read many opinions on our forums where gamers weren’t satisfied with the way their romance choices were fleshed out, so we wanted to change that by adding some extra conversational options.

Unfortunately, there's no launch window for this update. Given CD Projekt Red's timeliness and consistency, I have a feeling we'll be seeing this update in the next month or two.

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