Episode 4 of The Walking Dead has finally come out for iOS, right in time for us to com down from all of the Halloween excitement. So while malls are prematurely setting up decorations for Christmas, you can join up with Lee and the gang to see what horrors they'll face this time.

The iOS releases of the Walking Dead episodes may have lagged behind other platforms, but that doesn't mean that they're not as hotly anticipated. It's been a little less than a month since the depressingly-stellar Episode 3 was released, so hopefully that means that we won't have to wait very long for the season finale.

Those who have been following the tale know that Lee Everett and his group of survivors were last seen on their way to Savannah, riding the rails on a train they commandeered.  The group had suffered terrible losses and somehow managed to come out of some very harrowing experiences.

What awaits them in this city by the sea? Will Clementine find her parents? Who was speaking to her through the walkie-talkie? Jump in and find out! We'll have our review for you very soon. But for now, let us know what you love about the series in the comments below!