Clementine returns in what could be her last appearance in the final episode of The Walking Dead: Season Two, 'No Going Back.'

There are spoilers for previous episodes of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead series below.

The last time we saw Clementine, things were really tough. Carver may finally be dead, but there are plenty of other threats. Just like in the TV show with Judith, having a newborn baby around during a zombie apocalypse can be quite dangerous. Unfortunately, Rebecca died shortly after giving birth to her and Alvin-or-Carver's son. What was even more shocking was how she died and turned into a walker while still carrying the newborn, until Kenny or Clementine shot her. The gunshots of killing Rebecca resulted in Arvo's camp locating Clementine's group. Unfortunately, we were left with barrage of gunshots as both camps had guns on each other in a 'Reservoir Dogs'-esque ending.

This trailer shows that death follows little Clementine everywhere she goes, but that's not her fault -- it's just the way the world is. The trailer starts out with her wandering alone, even Rebecca's baby is gone. Hopefully, things get better for her, but it's hard to keep that sort of outlook when you've got so many dead bodies behind you, with so many others still standing in your path. Just watching that final scene of Clem talking with her parents outside of her treehouse shows so much change.

The little girl Lee first met is gone, but whom will Clementine become? We'll find out as The Walking Dead: Season Two - Episode Five, 'No Going Back,' launches on Aug. 26 for PC, PS Vita and PlayStation 3. On Aug. 27, 'No Going Back' will arrive on Xbox 360. Lastly, Episode Five will launch on the iOS App Store on Aug. 28.


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