Clementine and Lee are supposedly going HD as The Walking Dead: Game of the Year Edition handcuffs itself to next-gen consoles.

CVG reports that The Walking Dead: Game of the Year Edition has been listed by several online retailers depicting a July release. Gamefly and Amazon have each posted listings for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of The Walking Dead. While GameStop had already added pre-orders for the next-gen Game of the Year Edition back in April, all three websites have attached a late July release for the title.

In Harm's Way, the third episode of The Walking Dead: Season Two, has just launched last week. The Walking Dead: Game of the Year Edition features all five Lee-filled episodes from the first season, the game's digital soundtrack and the 400 Days downloadable content, which bridges the gap between seasons one and two.

This is the second time in as many months that this PS4/Xbox One version of The Walking Dead has popped up, but Telltale has remained mum about the prospects of a release date for the supposed new version. That said, Telltale did promise a version of the popular game would arrive on the newest consoles in the past, so we're just stuck in a waiting game now. Perhaps there will be some official news on this front at E3 in June.