The unforgettable and gripping tale of Clementine and Lee trying to find solace in the midst of a zombie apocalypse is coming to PS4.

GameStop has recently listed The Walking Dead Game of the Year Edition as an upcoming release for PlayStation 4. We were surprised at this finding since The Walking Dead already had a Game of the Year edition come out previously for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. Telltale Games did mention a PlayStation 4 version was coming in the past, but has still not given any indication as to when and if that would happen. It would appear GameStop has spilled the beans a bit early.

The previous existing versions of The Walking Dead Game of the Year Edition include the game's stellar first season, its soundtrack, a behind-the-scenes video and the 400 Days downloadable content which helped bridge the gap to season two. Given that the PS4 collection costs $30, we're expecting this collection to hold the same features as its PS3 counterpart.

According to GameStop, The Walking Dead Game of the Year Edition will be released on June 17 for PlayStation 4. Hopefully Telltale makes it official in the coming days.