One of 2014's most outstanding puzzle games, The Talos Principle, has elevated it's approach to deterring piracy.

You might recall that Croteam is no stranger to unique in-game elements that were meant to prevent pirates from enjoying the illegal download, as its previous Serious Sam title had a massive immortal scorpion that hounded players at every turn. Polygon reports that the first unsuspecting victim of Croteam's anti-piracy measures in the Talos Principle stumbled onto the Steam Forums to get an answer for something he/she thought was a bug in the game.

When pirates visit the second floor elevator, the elevator chugs along for about half of the way and then decides to just stop in the middle of the floor. The baffled player promptly got an answer to his woes, but it's probably not what he wanted to hear. "Congratulations you must be the first one to show to the internet world what Croteam did this time to punish pirates :)," a Steam user by the name of punchobastardo wrote. "You should be proud of yourself, it will be all over the internet in about 30 minutes I'd say..." Devolver Digital soon followed up with a Tweet confirming the Steam user's beliefs.

My advice? If you're going to pirate a game, you should probably stay away from Sam 3: BFE, The Talos Principle, The Sims 4, and Game Dev Tycoon, which all have neat little tricks that keep pirates from playing the game. But, in general, you should also probably just shell out the cash to pay the hardworking people who made the game in the first place and avoid piracy altogether.

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