This latest trailer for The Sims 4 focuses on a guy who could be the perfect gamer.

Maxis' newest trailer for The Sims 4 spoofs the "Most Interesting Man In The World" ad campaign by beer company Dos Equis. In the video, we see a Sim who is not as suave as the beer connoisseur from the commercials. This bearded loner watches TV all day, barely hits the gym and only knows how to cook one thing for breakfast: pancakes. The poor guy.

Even the trailer's "interesting" facts are completely lame, such as "He never drinks more than two cups of coffee a day." Our personal favorite would have to be "One New Year's Eve, he stayed up until midnight." This guy sounds like quite the party animal, and we want him in our Sims life pronto.

The beauty of the Sims is letting its players tap into their god complex and control every little thing about these Sims' lives. While this is a weird trailer, we wouldn't doubt that some players may create a Sim like this guy, whose only lady is Aunt Jemima. We are more akin to create a daredevil who parachutes off of tall buildings, but to each their own.

The Sims 4 launches September 2nd in North America for the PC (disregard the September 5th date in the trailer, as the video was posted by EA UK and reflects the European launch date).