A new trailer for The Sims 4 has arrived showing off some of the new emotional states that Sims will experience.

Previous Sims games utilized a mood meter that made performing tasks nearly impossible if it got too far into the red. The Sims 4 will instead use temporary emotions that will affect the way your Sim behaves. The video shows us a selection of emotions, ranging from happy to sad to inspired to bored, and Maxis expects around 15 emotions in the final game. Keeping a Sim in a negative emotional state, like anger or fear, will actually present some new gameplay options that Sims can’t do in a good or neutral mood. For example, a musician may not be able to cook at all when angry, but they might be able to perform more aggressive music. This works the opposite way, too, offering additional gameplay options for happy or inspired Sims. Of course, emotions will fade with time, or can be negated with positive interactions.

Sims can actually die from their emotions if not kept in check. A continuously angry Sim may suffer a heart attack, while a perpetually happy Sim can actually die from happiness. Emotions also change the way Sims look on screen. Sad Sims will slump forward with quivering lips, while confident Sims will puff out their chests and walk with a strut.

The Sims 4 is scheduled for a Sept. 2 release on PC.