EA has announced when we will finally be able to get our hands on the newest entry of its popular life-simulator series.

The new E3 trailer for The Sims 4 showcases some of the new things you can do with your created world. In particular, you are able to fix up your Sim's personality, voice, actions, jobs and various other small details that provide your character with a sense of individuality. Being able to do this to all your other Sim characters you create means that you will be able to create a diverse, yet immerse world filled with as many type of people you would like to include.

The biggest addition is your Sims' tweaked personalities and emotions. You'll find that your Sims are more emotionally-charged this time around, which will lead to some interesting interactions.

Since its original launch window of October 2013, EA has decided to take almost a whole year to flesh-out the next entry of its popular series. The Sims 4 will launch on Sept. 7 for PC. There is also an EA Origin-exclusive digital deluxe version which will provide the Up-All-Night DLC.