With today's slew of Nintendo news, the aspect of playing The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker in HD was one of the standout revelations. Although GameCube loyalists may still play the game on their defunct consoles, the real question, as posed earlier today by IGN , is if Zelda is a vast improvement in the HD universe.

The post's lead photo offers up an HD snapshot of Windfall Island. From the shadowy terrain to the crisp detail of the grass, the above image is miles ahead visually to the pleasant, older GameCube screenshot below.


Excuse the pun, but if you aren't on cloud nine after this HD look at Windfall Island, we really don't have any comment on the matter.

Of course, you can always dust off your GameCube and play The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker wherein the ocean and the skies are the perfect match. Life in mono does have its advantages, but we're hoping you like a little more color in your gaming experience.

As for the last screenshot comparison, the top is HD, and the bottom is the GameCube version. In the GameCube photo, the image is so blurry you can't even see Tetra! All kidding aside, which version do you prefer?