A new TV spot for The Last of Us has popped up, giving us mores peeks into the upcoming post-apocalyptic, survival horror game from Naughty Dog.

The spot features brief narration from Ellie, voiced by Ashley Johnson. You might recognize her voice from Disney's Recess, a '90s cartoon in which she starred as a tall, "geeky" girl named Gretchen.

Either way, her youthful voice serves as a nice contrast when set to the violent images of the post-apocalyptic world in The Last of Us. We see a lot of action as Joel and Ellie encounter loads of violence during their journey. Just how much violence we'll see, at the hands of either Joel or Ellie, remains to be seen.

The game will be released on June 14th, 2013, so we won't have much longer to wait until we can saddle up with these two protagonists and survive in this new world.

Check out the TV spot below and let us know if you're pumped to take on the journey.