We finally get to see the spotlight on a character in the Last of Us whose name isn't Joel or Ellie.

We've seen her in videos before, but now we get a closer look at the character Tess, voiced and mocapped by 24's Annie Wersching. A new post from Naughty Dog on the PlayStation Blog gives us a bit of Tess' background, informing us that she operates in the black market and is known to be pretty ruthless. It's hinted that she may have feelings for Joel, her partner in criminal dealings, but he probably isn't aware of them.

To read the whole post, check out the PlayStation Blog. And for more of a look at the tough cookie known as Tess, check out the video below. It shows us some of the mocap process and the emotionally-charged voice-work delivered by Wersching. You can see Tess in all of her seedy underworld glory when The Last of Us comes out on May 7th, 2013.