Naughty Dog's The Last of Us may be getting a special edition according to a new Amazon listing.

Savvy users on NeoGAF spotted a new bundle for The Last of Us on Amazon Italy. The limited edition includes a metal water bottle, a 30-day subscription to PlayStation Plus, sticker skins for both the PlayStation 3 and the Dual Shock controller, and the "Sights and Sounds" DLC, all for €89.99 (US$120).

The DLC features a physical copy of the game's soundtrack, as well as dynamic themes for the PS3, and avatars for Winter Joel and Winter Ellie. The "Sights and Sound" DLC is the pre-order incentive for Gamestop here in the U.S., but this is the first we've seen anything about a special edition for The Last of Us.

There's a chance this could be an exclusive European-only bundle, which would be a shame. That said, we wouldn't be too broken up about not getting a water bottle or some stickers if Naughty Dog didn't release this edition in the States.