Naughty Dog's The Last of Us was one of the most memorable games of the past year, and we've all been waiting patiently for the single piece of story-based DLC to arrive. While the developer has been teasing and hyping up Left Behind for a month or so, Naughty Dog still hasn't mentioned when the content would arrived. Thankfully, someone at the Sony online store took all the guesswork out of the equation.

According to the listing on the Sony Entertainment Network, The Last of Us' Left Behind DLC will arrive on Feb. 14. Typically, new content arrives on the PlayStation Store every Tuesday, but there have been times in the past when the store was updated on other days in special cases. Considering how anticipated this bit of DLC is, it wouldn't surprise us in the least to learn this Friday date was true. Now, neither Sony nor Naughty Dog has confirmed this date as legit thus far, but that it's on the Sony store bodes well for its accuracy.

Left Behind will tell the tale of Ellie and her friend Riley in a time before Joel came into the picture. The comic mini-series The Last of Us: American Dreams focused on the relationship between these two young ladies, and provided an interesting bit of backstory for Ellie. Seeing this relationship explored more in game form should be equally as engaging, and we're eager to return to the world of The Last of Us to spend some more time with one of our favorite characters.