The Fireflies have come through with the announcement of The Last of Us' t-shirt design contest winners. You better break out the Cordyceps anti-fungal cream, because we also have some sweet new footage for The Last of Us: Left Behind downloadable content to go with those beautiful, new shirts.

Thanks to the PlayStation Blog, we know Naughty Dog has closed its recent t-shirt design contest and have chosen some excellent designs to be printed and sold at We Love Fine. The contest lasted only three weeks and had thousands of entries during that short time frame. Naughty Dog had a little help in finalizing their choices, as Ashley Johnson (the motion capture and voice actress of Ellie) and Troy Baker (Joel) each chose a special runner-up to be included with the winning designs.

There is more good news for fans of The Last of Us, the PlayStation Blog also provided two brand new videos pertaining to The Last of Us: Left Behind. The first video is an interview with the staff behind the DLC, and the second video contains scenes from the expansion's opening (warning, massive spoilers below and in the video). In the interview video, be on the lookout for comments from lead designers and even Ashley Johnson (Ellie) herself as they explain the amount of work it took to bring such a highly anticipated piece of DLC to life. In the trailer, we get to see the opening scenes of Ellie's and Riley's prequel adventure. The Last of Us: Left Behind will be arriving this Valentine's Day, Feb. 14, just in time to rip out our hearts out in the most Infected of manners.