Just when we thought Phoenix Wright couldn't get any weirder than his upcoming collaboration with Professor Layton, the Ace Attorney series decides to go 100 years into the past.

Our favorite lawyer-simulation franchise has decided to dance the time warp and venture into the Meiji period of Japan, which happened over a century ago, in order to tell the story of one of the earliest members of the Wright family who became a lawyer. This trailer features Phoenix Wright's ancestor of old, Ryunosuke Naruhodo, in an ancient courtroom setting. The trailer also gives us a look at Ryunosuke's assistant, who looks a lot like Phoenix's modern day assistant Maya Fay.

Since the Phoenix Wright series always had its English-version altered so that it takes place in North America instead of Japan, we're interested in seeing if Capcom will change The Great Ace Attorney's lore while translating the game. Considering that Phoenix Wright is known as Ryuichi Naruhodo in Japan, Capcom will likely tone-down the name to something along the lines of Ryu Wright in order to maintain the North American story while maintaining the Japanese vibe (and paying tribute to a classic Capcom character).

The Great Ace Attorney is due for release on the Nintendo 3DS. Unfortunately, no launch window has been set for Japan, nor has there been any word towards a Western release.