Ace Attorney fans and those with a penchant for importing are about to have a doozy of a collector's edition to get their mitts on, as Capcom revealed details for premium editions of The Great Ace Attorney, the upcoming prequel to the entire Phoenix Wright franchise, Nintendo Life reports.

There are three separate collector's edition to choose from, starting with a few extras thrown in and moving up a super deluxe package. The "Binding Edition" comes with a few illustration cards and a CD of the game's soundtrack. The "e-Capcom exclusive edition" includes two plush animals, Great Ace Attorney-themed postcards, a sticker of Sherlock Holmes's business card (Sherlock is a character in the game, in case you're wondering), a magazine clipping written by Iris Watson, a pin, and a box designed like Holmes's in-game briefcase to hold it all. The final collector's edition combines the two previously mentioned sets into one giant deluxe package.

There is a lot of Ace Attorney awesomeness to be had here, and any longtime fan of the series has to be considering taking the plunge. We're more interested in whether or not this prequel is coming over to the West, since this collector's edition is cool and all but it's still for the Japanese version of the game, and if we can't read Japanese then it's all pointless. We really want to venture into this new backstory and see the foundation for Phoenix Wright;s legal prowess, but we can't do that without Capcom telling us it's coming stateside. Let's hope that announcement comes soon as The Great Ace Attorney will launch on Japanese 3DS handhelds on July 9.