Tired of the VGX Awards at the end of the year? Maybe the all-new, completely unaffiliated with Viacom awards show will be a suitable replacement.

Taking place on Dec. 5, The Game Awards (quick and to the point, no fakin') will not be broadcast on television, and instead will be streamed live on Steam, Xbox Live, PSN and more. "Games will rise when the video game industry comes together to celebrate the cultural significance of the world's most dynamic form of entertainment," the official website states. "The Game Awards 2014 is a new celebration airing live from the AXIS Theater in Las Vegas in front of thousands of fans. The program will include awards, world premiere announcements, musical performances, and other surprises."

Producer Geoff Keighley, offered his own two cents on the new event, saying, "More than ever our industry -- the fans, the developers and the media -- need to unite and show the world the power of games. I look forward to celebrating with you on Dec. 5, whether you join us in person in Las Vegas or online."

We admire Geoff Keighley for continuing to try and give video games a visible annual awards show (because no one outside of the industry even knows that the AIAS awards exist), and we hope that this show is finally the breakthrough he's been looking for. As long as the host whoever that may be doesn't try too hard to appeal to the "gamer" image and just acts naturally, that'd be a great start.