The long-awaited Oracle character will be battling on Dota 2's fields with Valve's upcoming patch along with another new character and much more.

Valve posted on its blog today that The Foreseer's Contract is coming soon. A comic was also produced to back up Valve's initial statement that this patch will come with, "A mysterious figure, a ruthless assassin, and an infinite number of possibilities." One of the characters is The Oracle, which has been highly anticipated since files related to it were discovered in Dota 2's beta client writes Polygon. The Oracle seems to be one of few that hasn't officially been released yet. Also being released in this patch is the character Assassin Arcana that VG247 reports is the result of a community vote held during Dota 2 International.

Additionally, the Dota 2 Workshop is being redesigned to include a voting queue. Valve initiated this feature to make it easier for users to discover new items to vote on. Valve also claims that this new update will give it a better opportunity to give players Workshop-related updates.

The real question is which character are you excited for--the long awaited Oracle or the user choice, Assassin Arcana?