The new "Rekindling Soul' update for Dota 2 looks to be one of the hottest ones yet. Oh, man. Sorry for that pub.

According to the update page, the biggest addition will be a new look for Shadow Fiend, who now looks like a cross between Sauron the Deceiver, a fire pit and several hundred nightmares. Here are his four abilities:

  • Shadowraze - A skill that causes the ground to quake beneath your enemy.
  • Necromastery - Every kill allows you to steal your enemy's soul, which will then increase your damage by the number of souls you've taken.
  • Presence of the Dark Lord - A fear spell that reduces enemy armor.
  • Requiem of Souls - The description says, "release the souls of the fall in a scouring explosion of fearsome." To us, that screams "METAL!"
In addition to Shadow Fiend's new look, there are also a number of new Arcana Items and Item Sets, such as the Demon Eater set, Treasure of the Forged Fury and Courier Morph that will show off your currently equipped courier and have it transform.
If you've had enough of Fantasy Football, why not take a crack at Fantasy Dota 2? Season Two of the games will allow you to make your own Fantasy Team, track them online and even give you a teleport effect that "lets you show off past Fantasy Season Successes."
A Fight Recap can now be accessed after matches to view various stats so you can study up on the strengths and weaknesses of you, your team or the enemy. The 6.82 update will also include a map change for Roshan, new bounty runes that can be hunted down for gold and experience and Crimson Guard armor.
Changes have also been made to Bloodseeker and Phantom Lancer. Click the link above to see all of the changes and to take an in-depth look at the 6.82 change log.