Molag Bal has taken over the Imperial City, while you and the rest of Tamriel's inhabitants are going to have to rally together to liberate the capital from the Daedric prince of enslavement in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Any Elder Scrolls cinematic trailer that features a bunch of Argonian lizard men going to war is awesome in our book. Unfortunately, we didn't notice any of the Khajit cat people though. This cinematic trailer shows just how massive and demonic Molag Bal's forces are and hints at some of the dark arts you're going to have to dive into if you want to stop him. Just watching that red-haired elf being tortured and used as a biological weapon of war was rather unsettling, despite how awesome her lightning spells were.

The Elder Scrolls Online is out now for PC, and ZeniMax Online Studios is hoping for its Xbox One and PlayStation 4 releases to happen sometime in June.