Skyrim Horse

Skyrim is chock full of bugs and these 10 Best Skyrim Cheats. There are dozens of loopholes for you to exploit on your adventures through the northern reaches of Tamriel. Everything from duplicating armor for resale, to tricking a mudcrab into helping you upgrade your skills. To help you through a rough spot in Skyrim, we’ve collected the 10 Best Skyrim Cheats and tricks to help you fulfill the prophecy of the Dragonborn.

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    Free Archery Lessons

    In Riverrun there’s an elf that can teach you quite a bit about archery. Get him to join you as a companion, then pay for his teachings. Once you’ve learned all you can, you can grab back any money you spent by simply opening up his inventory. Not a bad deal, you get free tutoring and a pal to help you out on adventures. Anyone capable of offering free help in the dangerous Elder Scrolls world earns a spot on our list of the 10 Best Skyrim Cheats.

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    Teasing Wolves for XP

    Wolves hate the water, well at least in Skyrim they do. If you’re looking to upgrade your blocking skills with little to no effort, all you need to do is aggravate a wolf and have it follow you to a body of water. If you stand on the divide between dry land and liquid, the wolf will not move, but simply attack. All you have to do is sit and wait with your shield up and a restoration spell in reserve if you need it.

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    Cheap Destruction Training

    The Fighter’s Guild are a bunch of meatheads bent on clanking metal together and butting heads. When you join them, you’re asked to go outside and duel a member. Do so, but only attack using destruction magic. The poor soul refuses to die at the hand of your magic and prefers you to use a sword or mace. Don’t. Wail away on him with spells and you’ll be a destruction master in no time.

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    Sneaky Fingers

    You can pick up anything you want in the shops of Skyrim, but usually you have to pay for them. But, if you’re clever enough, you can steal things from right under the shopkeeper’s nose. Well, above their nose. If you move an item to the top of the shopkeeper’s head, they won’t be able to see it at all, thus rendering you able to steal anything you damn well please without any repercussion. The only trouble is getting it on top of their head. A couple tries and you’ll have the balancing act figured out.

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    Infinite Arrows of Any Type

    Ever wonder how those NPC’s were able to keep shooting away at a dummy target without ever running out of arrows? Well, like wizards, their ammunition simply appears in their quiver. Sneak up on some unsuspecting trainee, pickpocket them, take all of their arrows and leave one or two of the arrows you want to duplicate. Now, all you have to do is stand by the target and pick them up as they become stuck in the target. Just, don’t stand too close or you’ll get an arrow to the knee. (Come on, I couldn’t resist!)

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    Boost Your Conjuration

    No one in Skyrim should be without a horse. They’re very useful. They get you around more quickly and are perfect for target practice. If you queue up your Soul Trap spell and start firing away at your faithful horse, you’ll find your Conjuration skill rocketing upwards. At the very least, if your horse dies in battle, you can keep the soul of your steed in your pocket. A Soul Trapped horse earns its way onto our list of the 10 Best Skyrim Cheats.

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    Do Not Delete Box

    A shopkeeper in Whiterun sells something strangely anachronistic for a medieval themed video game world. Under miscellaneous, you’ll find something called “Do Not Delete.” This is actually a gravity defying box. Wherever you place it in the air, it will hang there floating. If you grab a pair of these, then you can create a staircase to just about anywhere. Make sure to play some Led Zeppelin while you go looking for the gods of Tamriel.

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    Be Sneaky, Very Sneaky

    The Graybeards up in High Hrothgar are a very forgiving bunch. If you attack them, they won’t get too upset, nor will you find yourself with a bounty on your head. An easy way to increase your sneaking skill is to hide behind one of them, wait until you go undetected, and punch them in the back. Rinse off your fist and repeat. No one said it was honorable, but you are working on your sneak skills.

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    Punching Up Your Level

    At the beginning of Skyrim, when you’re asked to sneak around or sneak attack a bear, instead, turn your warrior’s gaze on the NPC who initiated the tutorial. Punch them into a corner and keep heaving away on them. They will not die or fight back. If you’ve got the patience, you can get to at least level 10 before ever completing the tutorial. Those Frost Trolls up on High Hrothgar better be wary of a pumped up newbie scaling their cliffs.

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    God Mode

    Sadly, this cheat is only for those of you running Skyrim on PC. If you hit that “~” key over on the left of your keyboard, you’ll enter the game’s console. All you have to do then is enter “tgm” to turn your character into a god. Well, maybe not a god, but it will make you completely invulnerable. It is the perfect bit of help if you’re stuck in a difficult spot. Of course it is also useful if you’re in the mood for some messing about in any of Skyrim’s many towns. Those guards better watch themselves. Obviously God Mode would lead our list of the 10 Best Skyrim Cheats.