Players who have subscribed to The Elder Scrolls Online for an extended period of time are about to be rewarded for their continued support via the brand new Elder Scrolls Online Loyalty Program.

The official ESO website details the brand new Loyalty Program, saying that the first round of emails will be heading to subscribers in September. Rewards will be given based on how much time players have purchased for the game, no complimentary time will be included. The first tier, for those who paid for at least three months of time, will earn the pictured High Hrothgar Wraith vanity pet that will be an instant way of showing other players how long you've been exploring Tamriel.

The blog goes on to mention that these tiers are permanent, so even brand new players that start today will receive the vanity pet three months from now. The next tier to be unveiled will be the six-month tier, which hopefully is more than just a little floaty dude that follows your character around.

We wonder if Bethesda is worried about falling subscription numbers, because this seems like something made to keep people playing. That said, it's a great way to keep people playing so long as the rewards are worth putting the time in. Pets aren't going to cut it, let's see some armor or weapons and then we'll get excited.

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