‘The Elder Scrolls: Online’ is set for massive changes this year.

Makers ZeniMax say the plans include a new expansion for the title, as well as a roadmap and a pack of downloadable dungeons.

They were revealed as part of Microsoft’s most recent Xbox Developer Direct event, and ZeniMax confirmed the ‘Gold Road Expansion’ would be released in June for ‘The Elder Scrolls: Online’.

ZeniMax said in a blog: “In ‘Gold Road’ players must investigate Ithelia, a Daedric Prince never seen before in the Elder Scrolls series and it’s up to players to uncover the schemes of her most devoted followers.

“Adventurers will encounter opportunistic Elves, and protect the people of West Weald from the chaos of the Forgotten Prince’s return.”

Released on 3 June for PC and coming to Xbox and PlayStation consoles on June 18, ‘Gold Road’ will bring 30 hours of new main quest content to ‘The Elder Scrolls: Online’, including a storyline with never-before-seen characters and new.

There will still be familiar zones for players to explore, but the latest chapter of the title will pick up where 2023’s ‘Necrom’ left off, and will return players to locations last seen in ‘The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion’.

ZeniMax has shared a roadmap for ‘The Elder Scrolls: Online’, showing new companions, player v player-related features and housing additions are in the pipeline in the next few months.

Two new four-player dungeons – the Oathsworn Pit and Bedlam Veil – are to be released in March.

ZeniMax added: “These dungeons allow you to explore a training ground for the followers of Malacath and a secret vault within the Oblivion demi-realm of Maelstrom.

“Both dungeons help set the stage for the upcoming chapter in their own way, but their storylines can be enjoyed individually, too.

“These two new dungeons are set to challenge you and your team with normal and veteran difficulties (including hard mode) and each feature their own achievements and rewards (including unique collectibles and item sets.)”

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