Ubisoft's The Crew is in need of new drivers, so the team has decided to offer a free two-hour demo to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners.

While PC and Xbox 360 owners will be missing out, The Crew now has a two-hour demo for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners who were looking to check it out. Polygon reports that this timed trial's download size is 14GB, so if you don't have much room you might want to forego it or just delete something and re-download it later — you are basically downloading the entire game.

The Crew has been getting pretty steady updates since its release this past December. Most recently, it got a new Vintage Car Pack along with a Vintage Live Update. This car pack introduced three new fan favorites and the update added four more faction missions as well as a "Blitz Brawl" PvP mode.

Not surprising for a racing game, The Crew is all about speed. It flaunts an open world model for racing around a smaller version of the United States. There are five regions you can travel to which contain five main cities. You can hurtle down the streets of Detroit, New York City, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Miami in your pimped out ride and partake a plethora of missions, including solo- and group-based ones.

The free, two-hour demo for The Crew is out now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, so if you've been meaning to try it, you'd better rev up your console.

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