The Game Awards 2014 have come to a close, but the excitement over new game reveals is still on the tip of everyone's tongue, especially The Banner Saga 2.

The Banner Saga has been out for nearly a year now and now Stoic has announced its sequel, The Banner Saga 2. The trailer above shows a bit of what you can expect from the game, focusing on the war and vikings. The Banner Saga is purportedly going to end up being a trilogy, and it has been off to a great start.

In the description to the video above, it says, "Add more emotions to everything you loved about the original Banner Saga and you have figured out The Banner Saga 2." With this tactical role-playing game being developed by a team of former BioWare employees, we can expect an awesome second game to this trilogy.

If you don't want to miss out on the first chapter of what appears to be a pretty epic trilogy, you can play The Banner Saga now on PC and PS4.