The popular Half-Life 2 mod and creation kit Garry's Mod has earned $22 million since it was released seven years ago.

Fielding questions on his own blog, Garry's Mod creator Garry Newman was asked how much money the add-on has generated since its inception.

"Over 7 years GMod has made about 22 million dollars," Newman said. "We get less than half of that though. Then the tax man gets a bunch of that. Then when we take money out of the company the tax man gets a bunch of that too."

Newman also added that his Facepunch Studio was currently working on a new PC game. With all the talk of Valve's Steam Box going Linux, Newman stated the studio was working on a Linux version of Garry's Mod, as well.

And now for our favorite Garry's Mod video of all time, "HalfLife: Full Life Consequences."