The studio known for The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us has released new info about its upcoming Game of Thrones series.

Telltale Games has posted the above image on its Twitter, hyping us up for its upcoming Game of Thrones series even further. Unlike its previous, more cryptic teasers, this Tweet reveals that the title for the first episode of the series is 'Iron From Ice'. We have also learned that Telltale's series will be six-episodes-long, unlike its previous games that would stop at five per season. While there has yet to be any word yet on whether or not there will be multiple seasons of this series, the overall popularity of the HBO TV series and Telltale's work will likely lead to more than just six episodes, unless there's a 'Reservoir Dogs'-esque ending (which could be quite possible in Westeros).

This adventure-style Game of Thrones game is expected to launch its first episode sometime before the year is done. With only seven weeks left in 2014 (that's it?), we have a feeling a release date will be announced soon.

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