Bandai Namco Games has been hard at work making Tekken 7 and it has had no shortage in character releases.

Katsuhiro Otomo has been announcing new characters for Tekken 7 left and right and now he has another new update from his Twitter -- Shaheen will be joining the Tekken 7 crew. Shaheen is reportedly from Saudi Arabia and you can see his picture above. Due to a recent uproar after a certain Lucky Chloe got released, Otomo makes sure to mention that he's only one in many characters that have yet to be announced for Tekken 7.

If you missed the Lucky Chloe debacle, many people in North America reacted so badly to the character that Otomo decided to make her East Asia and Europe exclusive. Now it seems that Otomo has kept true to his promise to make a more masculine character to appease the North American criticizers.

Tekken 7 has still not been released just yet, but you can look forward to it starting in March.

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