Taylor Swift's Grammy-nominated hit single gets a MOBA-flavored remix.

'Shake It Off,' Taylor Swift's hit single from last September, has gotten a great parody paying homage to Dota 2. Thanks to Destructoid, we caught wind of this amazing depiction of Taylor Swift's popular song done by fwosh. The video focuses on the Crystal Maiden champion from Dota 2 and sings praises of Earthshaker's ability to wreak havok on the battlefield. The video and its lyrics show Earthshaker's encounters with the various minions and champions that Dota 2 has to offer and proves why he's a fan favorite when it comes to MOBA combat. We can't wait to see what Dota-themed parody fwosh will choose to do next.

Since it's the holiday season, we've included another one of frosh's Dota 2 crossover songs. This is 'Let Us Throw,' a Dota 2 take on 'Let It Go' from 'Frozen.'