Tales from the Borderlands, Telltale Games’ episodic point-and-click adventure game based on the Borderlands series, is looking to combine two geeky favorites into one. Merging the quirky, violent world of Gearboox’s Borderlands with the unique gameplay style perfected by Telltale gives the upcoming title a decent amount of geek legitimacy before it even comes out. Today, Telltale has added even more geek cred to the dialogue-heavy game by revealing the first casting details.

Chris Hardwick, Sam Witwer, Nolan North, Patrick Warburton are confirmed to join the cast of Tales from the Borderlands, bringing legitimate star power and a ton of experience in the genre. Chris Hardwick started out as a stand-up comedian, but now hosts a pair of television shows and runs Nerdist Industries, the leading podcast network dedicated to geek interests. He is also a veteran voice actor, providing voices for 'The Legend of Korra,' 'The Batman' and other animated projects.

Sam Witwer provided the voice and physical model for Starkiller, protagonist of the Force Unleashed games, and played Doomsday on the TV show 'Smallville.' Nolan North is one of the most well-known and prolific voice actors in the gaming industry, having worked on over 140 games and dozens of animated features and shows. Finally, Patrick Warburton, best known as David Puddy from 'Seinfeld' and Brock Sampson from 'The Venture Bros.,' has added his unmistakable voice to nearly 20 games, including titles as diverse as Tak, League of Legends and Skylanders.

No roles have been associated with any of the actors, but it’s about as strong a cast as anyone could have hoped for. Both Telltales' graphic adventure games and the Borderlands rely heavily on the performances of their characters, and four heavyweights like these should make Tales from the Borderlands a real treat to hear when it arrives sometime this year.