Tale of Tales is happily announcing that it will be bringing Sunset to premiere at Kill Screen's Two5six Festival in Brooklyn.

Sunset, the gorgeously laid out game that Tale of Tales revealed a few months ago, is back and this time we know when and where you can get to see some gameplay of the title before its official release. The game will take you back in time to May 21, 1972, which makes its official release date extremely fitting. You will be playing Angela Burnes, a housekeeper who just wants to get through her work week. However, that's not all you're going to do as you slowly find out more about your boss, Gabriel Ortega, and the mystery that surrounds his part in the revolution that is taking over their country. Some key features of the game are listed below as well as some screenshots (provided below) for you to check out:

  • A first-person narrative-focused game with decisions that impact the player's emotional experience of the game
  • No fail state - this isn't a game you can win or lose, only influence
  • Anywhere from 90 minutes to six hours of gameplay, depending on your approach
  • Soundtrack by the award-winning Austin Wintory (Journey, The Banner Saga, Monaco)
  • Achieved a whopping 270% of its funding goal on Kickstarter!

Kill Screen's Two5six Festival in Brooklyn, NY will be taking place on May 15-17 and then Sunset will be officially launching on May 21. You can still get the game for the pre-order price of $14.99 before its launch date, when it will be bumped up to the full retail price of $19.99.