Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition

Super Cosplay
Juri Han is one crazy fighter who we've deemed one of the 11 Video Game Characters We'd Hate to Date -- or would we? Regardless, this Korean hellcat is one of the hottest additions to the Street Fighter series, which means you'll always see some great cosplays inspired by her.
Cosplay Clash! Guile vs Voldo
Ryu got a Sonic Boom to the face and was knocked out of the running by Guile! Now the man whose theme goes with everything must face a horrifying foe from another fighting game: Soul Calibur's Voldo!
Cosplay Clash! Ryu vs Guile
It was a very close match, but Zero Suit Samus has managed to defeat Princess Zelda, making it her fourth win in a row and earning a spot in the Arcade Sushi Cosplay Hall of Fame! And now it's the dudes' turn, as Ryu and Guile from Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition step up to face off against each other.
Cosplay Clash! Kasumi vs. Ibuki
Dizzy was left disoriented after suffering a loss at the hands of Kasumi yesterday. But now Street Fighter's Ibuki, another ninja girl, has stepped up to the challenge and aims to bring down Kasumi once and for all.

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