While Fullbright's Gone Home relied on VCR cassettes, postcards and journal entries to tell its story, Tacoma will take a similar route, but on a space station.

Game Informer posted a 5-minute-long gameplay video of Tacoma, the newest game in development by The Fullbright Company. While their previous indie hit, Gone Home, was about a girl who returned to her family's house after studying abroad only to find it empty, Tacoma does something similar. Set in 2088, we get to explore a full space station. This pre-alpha footage depicts a woman arriving at the Tacoma space station, only to find out its entire crew is missing. Fortunately, everyone on the ship had their locations and voices recorded and the station is able to play hologram recordings of the events on the vessel. There are also zero-gravity areas, kind of like Dead Space but without the horror. It's up to you to search the entire station and piece together clues in order to find out what happened to its workers.

Just as how Gone Home showed an in-depth look at a mysterious family that vanished before you arrived, Tacoma does something similar. You have to put things together at your own pace. You can explore on your own and let the puzzle unfold at your own rate. If there's a specific crew member you want to investigate closely, you can. If you find a specific person's living quarters or belongings, you can learn more about them. You must find their secrets, lockers/storage compartments, journals and what have you in order to figure out the truth. Let's just hope this doesn't end in a Xenomorph arriving or someone going postal.

Tacoma will launch for PC and Xbox One sometime in 2016. Unfortunately, there has been no word on any other platforms for its release.

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