What do you think that dude in the picture above is going to use that flaming sword for? It's not going to be clearing brush, that's for sure. Hack and slash action, baby! It's one of the tried and true staples of video games. And nowhere is that made more apparent on iOS than in Touch Foo's well-reviewed title, Swordigo. That's why it's our Free App of the Day!

Swordigo is one of the best platforming games you can get for iOS. Its popularity and positive reviews more than speak for its quality. It's usually two bucks and there are already thousands of people who have paid that amount for the game.

So really, this is kind of a no-brainier. And by that, we mean -- even if you don't have a brain operating within your skull, you should still be able to process enough to make the decision to get this game.

Download Swordigo today! If you don't, just think of the platforms that will go un-jumped upon! And think of the monsters that will go un-slashed and un-hacked! No, we can't let that happen. Click to grab it for your iPhone & iPad!