Sword of Fargoal is an updated remake of the 1982 classic, and the popular adventure game is now free for a limited time in the App Store!

Your goal is to travel deep within the dungeon to retrieve the Sword of Fargoal. But it's not as easy as you might think it is. This is one of those old school titles that got a complete refresh for today's gamer and it looks amazing. Check out some of the game's features:

✔ Completely randomly generated — different every time!

✔ Over 20 Dungeon levels & 100 unique dungeon maps per game

✔ Over 28 monster types with special abilities, weapons, & spells

✔ Hidden traps & treasures, gold, spells & potions

✔ Subtle 3D dungeon with cool “retro” top-down map

✔ Full zoom, tap, & swipe intuitive on-screen movement

✔ All original music by British composer, Daniel Pemberton

✔ Animations by Emmy-winning animator, Charlie Canfield

Still not convinced? Watch the official trailer.

Looks like fun, right? So what are you waiting for? It's free for a limited time so grab the Sword of Fargoal for your iPhone today!