Everyone's favorite jungle explorer (no, not Lara Croft), was recently introduced to iOS devices for his 30th anniversary. Now Pitfall! and its star Harry have gotten a brand new update to help compliment his endless running skills in volcano threatened jungles, caves and towns.

It's not a huge update, but it does give the game some nice minor tweaks that it needed. Among the updates listed are improved UI on the iPhone 4, reduced loading times, improved motorbike handling, app gifting, bug fixes and stability improvements.

But perhaps the biggest part of this update is the ability to start your run from your furthest checkpoint from the title screen. In our review, we mentioned how confusing the menu system got in regards to continuing, so it's nice to see that they cleaned that up a  bit. You can also start running from any of your purchased checkpoints from the checkpoint screen. Good stuff, Activision!


If you haven't run through the jungles with Pitfall Harry yet, then what are you waiting for? It's one of the best games of 2012 (so far) and the Arcade Sushi staff still loves playing it. Pick it up for your iPhone and iPad!