Let’s grab a giant platter of sushi news and bite down on the best pieces of content to hit the web on May 21st, 2013. Happy Xbox Tuesday!

New Call of Duty: Ghosts Trailer

Call of Duty Ghosts

A more personal story for the new Call of Duty game. [READ MORE]

Destiny is Coming to Xbox One

Sweet! Bungie's new game will be on the new Xbox! [READ MORE]

Battlefield 4 Release Date. Coming to Xbox One

Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4 is coming this fall. And it's also going to be released for the Xbox One! [READ MORE]

Tons of Xbox One Info

Xbox One Movies TV

Click the link to see all of today's articles regarding the new Xbox One! [READ MORE]

Call of Juarez: Gunslinger Trailer

Call of Juarez Gunslinger

Nice shootin' Tex! Oops, we mean Juarez. Anyway, here's the new trailer. [READ MORE]