The handheld version of Super Smash Bros. will have the awesome feature that lets you play music while you have your Nintendo 3DS closed in sleep mode.

Thanks to Destructoid, we have learned that Masahiro Sakurai, the director of Super Smash Bros., has announced on the Miiverse that the 3DS version of the game will let you play music while the system is in sleep mode. Given the wide array of video game franchises that Super Smash Bros. borrows from, along with its long list of composers, this is going to be an amazing feature.

When you have your 3DS closed, you will be able to use the game's sound test mode, allowing you to use your 3DS like a Walkman for Smash Bros. songs. Just imagine listening to some remastered Mega Man tracks this way.

Super Smash Bros.'s sound test mode gives you access to the game's entire soundtrack, which includes new songs and plenty of remixes of classic tunes. You will be able to use L and R to skip through tracks, along with the ability to Repeat and Shuffle the game's songs.

Super Smash Bros. launches Oct. 3 for the Nintendo 3DS and this holiday season for the Wii U.