Nintendo has announced that you can create your own Mii Fighter for Super Smash Bros. on Wii U, while its 3DS counterpart was hit with a slight delay.

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U is getting an open-ended amount of new characters in the form of its Mii Fighters. You're able to add your own Mii characters to get your smash-on. There are three different Mii Fighter types you are able to create. The Brawler fights empty handed and uses quick attacks. The Sword Fighter is a weapon master who is able to fight with a bit more range. And the Gunner is meant to fight from afar with plenty of keep-away tricks.

While these three character types seem rather simple, you are able to customize them however you see fit. Each of these three Mii Fighter types has 12 specials for you to pick for your four main special attacks. This means you can have your Brawler fight like Captain Falcon, or a bit more diverse like Mario. And you're able to differentiate your Sword Fighter between a Link style of swordsmanship vs. Ike's. Including Miis into Super Smash Bros. means you're able to make whatever character you'd like, including celebrities, as Nintendo indicated with Ice-T and Elijah Wood.

Super Smash Bros. will be coming to the Nintendo 3DS on Oct. 3, while the Wii U version still has a launch window set for the 2014 holiday season. The 3DS version was delayed to iron out some kinks and perfect its gameplay, and a bunch of minigames are being added into the mix as well.