In 1993, the world's most misguided attempt at adapting a video game into a movie was released. 'Super Mario Bros.' was a well-documented disaster, and the studio's attempt at turning Nintendo's wildly popular video game franchise into a feature film is regarded as one of the biggest mistakes made by all parties involved. Twenty years later, it's time to see if the cast was able to recover from the poor career choice, and see where they are now.

Bob Hoskins, Mario

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Then: Bob Hoskins has played a number of memorable roles in his lifetime, though Mario Mario might be one he leaves off his resume when working on his Linkedin profile.

Now: From 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit?' to 'Hook' to 'Snow White and the Huntsman' and everything in between, Hoskins has entertained viewers for years. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2014 at the age of 71. Despite the bump in the road that was 'Super Mario Bros.' Hoskins has a long list of credits that more than show his range and sustainability as an actor.

John Leguizamo, Luigi

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Then: The taller, thinner brother of Mario, Leguizamo's turn as Luigi was remembered more for being such a strange casting choice than anything else. Besides, the rest of the zany antics in the film completely overshadowed Leguizamo's talent for making expressions and looking excited, which is a face many fans made when the credits finally started rolling.

Now: Leguizamo is incredibly busy, and you might remember his recent turn as the voice of Sid in the 'Ice Age' series of films. He also had a smaller role in 'Kick-Ass 2,' and has several more roles lined up for the coming year.

Samantha Mathis, Princess Daisy

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Then: You know her as Daisy, the princess who traveled through a mystical portal to recruit the help of two unwitting plumbers to save a kingdom. We know her as, "Wait, where's Princess Peach?"

Now: Davis has had a varied career, and has starred in movies like 'Broken Arrow' and 'American Psycho.' Most recently, you may have seen her on 'Under the Dome,' but we doubt it because that show was pretty terrible.

Dennis Hopper, King Koopa

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Then: Dennis Hopper may have been out of his mind when he agreed to play Koopa in 'Super Mario Bros.,' but at least he was still deliciously over the top and somewhat watchable. Kind of.

Now: Unfortunately, Dennis Hopper passed away in 2010. However, his outstanding acting ability will be preserved forever, and unlike his turn as Koopa, his roles in films like 'Easy Rider,' 'Apocalypse Now, 'Speed' and 'Hoosiers' will never be forgotten.

Fisher Stevens, Iggy

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Then: As one half of the Koopa cousins (ugh), Fisher Stevens was supposed to provide comic relief as the straightman in the goofball duo. Sadly, it's tough to see the humor in anything but that haircut.

Now: Remembered most for his roles in 'Short Circuit' and 'Hackers,' Stevens played a large role in the concluding seasons of 'Lost.' While the major film roles have been slow coming these past few years, Stevens has been rather busy with frequent TV guest spots.

Richard Edson, Spike

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Then: As the other Koopa cousin, Edson spent a large part of 'Super Mario Bros.' being the butt end of a joke or getting beaten up by the Mario brothers.

Now: Edson has built up an incredible career of being "that guy." You know, the guy you see in everything, but never remember who he is. Just for a refresher, you've probably seen him in 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off,' 'Platoon,' 'Do the Right Thing' and 'Black Dynamite.'

Fiona Shaw, Lena

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Then: Apparently 'Super Mario Bros.' was really a test reel for a whole bunch of horrible hair stylists in 1993. As Koopa's lady, Shaw can best be remembered for... well... walking around behind Koopa a lot.

Now: These days, Shaw is still busy acting, but most of her roles are confined to the U.K. However, Shaw had the fortune of being cast as Harry Potter's Aunt Petunia in the film adaptations, in which she gave the Boy Who Lived three square meals and a closet to sleep in.

Lance Henriksen, The King

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Then: Lance basically exists in this movie to be pooped out of an egg sack into a chair at the end of the film. Spoilers.

Now: Despite being in his 70s, Henriksen is still busy, though his resume from the past decade is mostly that of a genre actor. Though it was short-lived, Henriksen most recently provided the voice of Tessler on 'Tron: Uprising,' but no one will ever forget his role as Bishop in 'Aliens.'

Dan Castellaneta, Narrator

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Then: Since Castellaneta provided the voice for the narrator in 'Super Mario Bros.' he had the luck to never actually have to report to set during shooting.

Now: Castellaneta has been the voice of Homer Simpson for decades, but has stepped out of the recording booth on more than one occasion for shows like 'Parks and Recreation' and 'Greek,' but it's his work on 'The Simpsons' and 'Futurama' which give him the ability to never ever have to work again. Ever.