A new video featuring Kit, Krysta and a few of their friends in the Nintendo Minute shows off some of Super Mario 3D World's new levels.

The six-and-a-half minute video has tons of multiplayer action as the friends roll through World 1-1 and World 3-1 in the upcoming Super Mario 3D World.

World 1-1 looks like a standard Mario level, except with a lot of features in the environment that are well-suited for exploration with the new Cat Transformation power-up. You'll be able to climb walls, climb trees and scale sheer surfaces that would have been dead-ends in previous Mario games.

World 3-1 is a snowy world that also has a lot of features that take advantage of the new Cat Transformations, giving you a sense of how agile it is. We also get to see the new ice skates in action, which are cool power-ups that give you speed and control on icy surfaces.

Check out the gameplay above and look out for Super Mario 3D World when it comes to the Wii U on Nov. 22.