So much attention is being lavished on next generation console launches, it's almost easy to forget one of the most anticipated Wii U games of the year is shipping the same day as its big competition.

With Super Mario 3D World, Nintendo is bringing co-op action to a 3D Mario game for the first time. In this launch trailer, you can get a look at all the craziness that ensues when four people suit up to travel through the Mushroom Kingdom to take on Bowser and his army of Goombas and turtles.

Each character has unique abilities, and there are a host of different power-ups and suits making their debut for the first time as well. With all the new upgrades, it's almost assured no two playthroughs will be quite the same. There are literally so many ways to play, we lost count watching the trailer. To be fair, we were distracted by all the clones and cat suits.

Super Mario 3D World will be out this Friday, Nov. 22 for the Wii U.