The latest Super Mario 3D World video showcases the many suits and power-ups that Mario and the gang can use in the Sprixie Kingdom.

The six-minute video offers a nice guided tour watching Mario, Luigi, Peach and the blue Toad do their thing onscreen. You should recognize a lot of the suits that are shown, such as the new Cat Suit and the old Tanooki Suit, but there are plenty of new powers to behold.

Some of these new power-ups include Light Blocks that gets rid of Boos, a Piranha Plant you can tote around to eat baddies, Propeller Blocks, Coin Blocks that net you coins as you move and Cannonball Blocks that shoot out cannonballs at enemies.

A bit of Super Mario 3D World's multiplayer aspects are shown as well, giving us a peek at how you can use your Mii to run around the game world with Mario and company. When not playing the game, you can jump in the Miiverse and discuss it with others or share your Mario-themed creations.

Check out the trailer above for more action from the Sprixie Kingdom. And look out for Super Mario 3D World when it's released on Nov. 22 for Wii U.