Our favorite wall-jumping ninja from the Marvel Vs. Capcom series is back as Strider 2 heads to the PSN.

Capcom has announced that Strider 2 is being released on PlayStation consoles via the PSN. We must clarify that Strider 2 is a port of the 1999 PlayStation classic and not a sequel to the new 2014 Double Helix remake. Don't worry, Strider 2 is an excellent side-scrolling platformer in its own right (though we'd love a sequel to the 2014 game). We have been fans of the Strider franchise since we first played the 1989 NES classic (which was an altered version of the Japanese arcade game released earlier that year).

Strider 2 will launch on Oct. 7 via PSN for PlayStation 3, PSP and PS Vita. Also included in Strider 2 will be a port of the original Strider arcade game, which means you're getting two games in one.

If you remember Marvel Vs. Capcom, you damn well know that Strider Hiryu knows karate.