Artificial intelligence (AI) could help to transform the gaming industry.

That is according to Strauss Zelnick - the CEO of Take-Two Interactive, the video game company that owns Rockstar Games and 2K - who has suggested that AI could really change the industry over the coming years.

Strauss, 66, told "Everyone’s working on that.

"You’re a playable character, you’re interacting with the non-playable character. That interaction is currently scripted. And the non-playable characters are generally not very interesting. You could imagine all the NPCs becoming really interesting and fun."

Strauss admitted to being very conscious of the stiff competition in the gaming industry.

He also insisted that there's no room to rest on your laurels and bask in past successes in the gaming sector.

Strauss - who previously studied at Harvard Business School and Harvard Law School - said: "We’re looking over our shoulders at our competitors.

"We’re terrified at all times, or we’re not doing enough. There’s no one who says, ‘This is a perfect product, we’re really proud of it. Let’s take a deep breath, go to the beach.’ We have to wake up and do it again, the next step."

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