When the iPad first launched, you could nab one of the more robust models that would afford you 64GB of space. That's a lotta flash memory! But by now, it's gotta be way higher than that, right? Actually, Apple has kept its storage capacities pretty much the same ever since that first generation iPad dropped back in April of 2010. So that's why this rumor according to 9to5Mac is so interesting. It turns out that Apple just might be, uh, cooking up a 128GB version of its game-changing tablet.

The report, which sites inside sources at Apple, says that the larger model will have the same look, design, and features of the latest version of the iPad. It will just mark an increase in size. If this were to be the case, it would be more akin to an iPod upgrade than an iPad upgrade. But perhaps that's a plateau where the device resides right now.

But do consumers really need a larger capacity iPad? If we are any indication here at Arcade Sushi, the more and more games that are released with 1-3GB download sizes, the quicker the space gets filled. Our 16GB iPad seems way smaller now that it did when it was fresh out of the box. Some larger games can't even be updated properly without a huge amount of buffer space.

9to5 also reports that the supposed 128GB iPad will be priced at $799 and $929, for the wireless and cellular versions. Since these are merely rumors, there's obviously no release date yet. But it would make sense for something like this to come out, paired with a new version of the iPad mini that sports a retina display.