‘Starfield’ is getting a range of new and improved features for 2024.

Its maker Bethesda Softworks issued them in a long end of year update shared on their website, and said the title would be receiving new updates “roughly every six weeks” starting from February.

It added: “These updates will include everything from quality-of-life improvements to content and feature updates.”

Players are already being encouraged to join the “Steam Beta branch to be the first to try these updates as they begin rolling out”.

‘Starfield’ players can now expect new ways to travel within the game, as well as city maps and new gameplay options “that will expand beyond our normal ‘Difficulty’ setting and new ways for players to customise their ships”, according to the update.

Official modification support for ‘Starfield’ will also be introduced via the launch of Creations, with the developers saying online: “Modding has always been an enormous part of our games, with incredible community-made content constantly bringing fresh new experiences. With the scale and systems in ‘Starfield’, we can’t wait to see what you come up with.”

Bethesda has also confirmed the first major story expansion to be released on ‘Starfield’, with the Shattered Space installment set to introduce new story content, locations and gear.

Bethseda’s end of year update also revealed 13 million people have played ‘Starfield’ since it was launched in September – racking up more than 22 million days’ of playtime between them, with 26 million of those hours spent on building ships and close to two billion planets visited in the time.

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