Your flippers won't be able to repel tables of this magnitude in this update for Star Wars Pinball.

Zen Studios has announced on the PlayStation Blog that four new tables are on the way to Star Wars Pinball, and they look to be quite amazing. These new stages will include a stage oriented to Han Solo and the Millennium Falcon and one for 'Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope.' Another table will focus on the droids of the series (both good and bad), and the final addition will be called Masters of the Force.

The Han Solo table focuses on him running the Millennium Falcon. Be prepared to hear some of Solo's most memorable lines as the pinball game will try to recreate some of our favorite movie scenes of this iconic character. Of course, be prepared for Chewbacca's trademark roar while C-3PO gets caught in the Falcon's circuitry.

The best part is that these tables will be free to download for those already owning a copy of Star Wars Pinball.

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