Star Wars Pinball

Star wars Pinball
An annual tradition, May 4th has become known as Star Wars Day. To celebrate this year's unofficial holiday, Zen Studios is cutting prices on the Star Wars Pinball game across most platforms for a limited time.
Star wars Pinball Review
Almost 15 years ago I experienced the last real-life Star Wars pinball game. I remember fondly seeing Star Wars: Episode I pinball in a shady dive bar full of creepy bikers. The game featured a killer virtual game screen and tons of dialogue ripped from the movie. For this Star Wars fanboy, the expe…
Star Wars Pinball
The third table in Star Wars Pinball has just been revealed. And yep, you guessed it ... the theme for this table is The Clone Wars! The trailer shows off some fun action and combat scenes that will be incorporated into the pinball madness that will surely end up being Star Wars Pinball.
Star Wars Pinball
We got another trailer of Star Wars Pinball for ya, hot off the interstellar presses from a galaxy far, far away. And this one features everyone's favorite bounty hunter -- Boba Fett! The new trailer centers on Fett's table, showcasing how it works in key scenes from the Sta…
New Star Wars Pinball Trailer
Zen Studios announced its new Star Wars Pinball game and tables earlier this month, but is now giving us our first look at the full Empire Strikes Back table.

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